Our company is specialized in the restoration of metals; since 1980 we worked on many of the more important bronze sculptures of the Middle Ages, Renaissance and modern: 


the equestrian monuments of Francesco Mochi 

The equestrian monuments of Piazza Plebiscito, Naples 

the monument to Bartolomeo Colleoni by Verrocchio 1496

all the four bronze doors of the Dome of Pisa, 

the doors and the bronze decorations of the Loreto Basilica, 

the bronze door of Castelnuovo, Naples, 

The Neptune fountain by Giambologna, Bologna 

the Perseo by Benvenuto Cellini, Florence

the Napoleon  by Antonio Canova, Brera - Milan

the monument to Pope Gregorio XIII, Bologna

the monument to Pope Sisto V di Loreto, of Camerino and Fermo and many other works of art that you can finnd in the "Restoration" section of this site.


Other important activity of our laboratory is the consolidation of waterlogged wood. We have consolidated and reconstructed some neolithic pirogues coming from from the Bracciano lake, consolidated the wreck of the ship Julia Felix, Grado, the Verucchio throne and many smaller objects. 


We also make copies as The Bonanno Bronze door in Pisa Dome and real scale reproductions for exibitions and museums.